Mold Remediation Tips

Mold is a gray growth that is wooly and produced on a damp or organic matter that is decaying. They also develop on old food that is left in the open. Mold growth can start when water intrudes in your property. Molds can be removed be removed by a process known as mold remediation which is the removal, sanitizing, treatment, cleaning, and prevention of mold from growing again. To read more on these  processes, click here.

In mold remediation, you are supposed to do everything right to prevent it from growing again. The following steps serve as a basic process for remediating mold problems quickly. First of all, you are supposed to learn about moisture because assessing mold growth involves more than looking on walls or corners only. Sometimes they are invisible hence you can't recognize them easily. Therefore it is very crucial to know where the moisture comes from and how it enters into the house. Knowing more about moisture will help identify the moisture source and use the location to help locate the growth of mold. Find out more about this here.

The next step is to document the mold problem and create a remediation plan. You can document by writing down or taking photos and videos because this is what warranty team supervisors will use to develop a remediation plan. This will also help to know when work is supposed to be finished and who will help in performing the remediation. It can also help to decide when the home owners are supposed to relocate for some time for the process to take place or no. After this step, you are then required to calculate the extent of the contamination because does not just grow in one area, but it spreads. You need to know the degree to which the home owners will feel the impact of the remediation. Calculating the extent of contamination will affect clean up and the method you are using to approach mold.

The final step is to remediate mold contamination. This involves cleaning up of the existing mold at the same time avoiding exposure to oneself and even the home owners. Repair water problem because their repair will prevent new spores of mold from growing. Isolate the area that is contaminated. This can be done by closing all doors and windows between the contaminated area and other rooms. You can also cover all the doorsteps and any other opening that is available. After this process, you can then remove all the wet and mold damaged materials and discard them.
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